What Are The Differences Between Solo And Pro Kovurt Plans?

Kovurt is a fantastic tool for staying secure and private when you are using your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, laptop, or desktop computer. We offer two main services to cater to your different needs: what is the difference between Solo Kovurt and Pro Kovurt plans:

Concurrent Connections: Solo Kovurt allows you to keep 1 concurrent connection. Pro Kovurt gives you 3 concurrent connections. What does this mean for you? On the Solo plan, you will not be able to use your Kovurt username and password on two different computers/phones at the same time. You can use your username and password on multiple devices, but not at the same time. That means you must disconnect from one device before connecting to another device. On Pro Kovurt, you can have the same username and password working at the same time on your Android phone , your iPad, and your laptop so you have unfettered and continuous security on all your great devices.

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