Kovurt Expands Mobile Privacy In A Big Way

You have a Windows Phone? Kovurt’s got you covered with Windows Phone’s IKEv2 protocol for privacy. You have a Blackberry? Your smartphone too is now covered with Kovurt’s latest IKEv2 upgrades!

Supported Mobile VPN Platforms at Kovurt

Today we unleash Kovurt’s latest VPN offerings to the world’s Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android, and iPhone users by covering all the major ways your smartphones can stay secure and private while you’re on the go.

All current and new Kovurt Agents can immediately take advantage of the latest upgrades. Just login to your account at Kovurt.com and either download the latest certificates for your Windows Phone or follow the easy steps to get your Blackberry smartphone online and privatized!

testing mobile phones for Kovurt's VPN Network

We’ve spent many weeks getting everything together and working with beta testers in Scotland, China, New Zealand, India, USA, and Hong Kong. Here’s a picture from our mobile technicians testing desk where he hourly tests our network on an array of Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry, and Apple devices.

For desktop and mobile devices, Kovurt now covers OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, IKEv2, and SSTP protocols — all ways to keep you private and safe online!