Refund Policy

We want to make sure we continue to provide a fantastic service to all our users. We know our service is exceptional, but sometimes customers have usability problems that we can’t control. In those instances, we want to make sure you get your money back!

Kovurt provides a 3-day money-back guarantee for all new customers and new users of our service who have not previously either been issued a refund, have never previously been a paying client, have not used our free service, did not use a discount code when subscribing, and/or who have not upgraded their services. Refunds are currently only provided to new users who use PayPal as the means of payment. Unfortunately, payments made with Bitcoin, Alipay, Apple iTunes, Apple App Store, and other 3rd parties do not allow or make available refund methods. If you do not use PayPal and would like a refund, we may instead provide you credit or extended subscription plans in lieu of a refund.

We do not offer unconditional refunds, and all decisions to offer refunds are solely our decision. You can be refunded only if you meet conditions described on this page. We outline in greater detail some of these issues in our Terms and Conditions page.

If you have previously used our paid service, have used our free service, or have upgraded services with us, you are not eligible for any future refunds. Sometimes we also offer free trial services: if you have used a free trial service, you are not eligible for a refund; but if you have used one of our free trial options to evaluate our service before purchase and then you purchased our full service, you are eligible for a full or partial refund within 3 days of purchase if:
a) Kovurt doesn’t work on your computer due to technical reasons and Kovurt technicians were not able to fix the problem within 3 days after purchase was made; or
b) At our own discretion, Kovurt reserves right to refuse service to any customer. The service may be terminated by Kovurt:
i) Due to breach of our terms and conditions, in which case you are not eligible for any refund.
ii) At our own discretion, if we think your intention is to use our service for malicious purposes (for example spamming, network attacks, downloading illegal content, or similar activities), we can terminate your account. If you have not breached the terms of our terms and conditions, you are potentially eligible for a partial refund.

We also run affiliate promotions and coupons or “groupons” on other sites and services. If you purchased and subscribed to Kovurt via one of those deals, you are not eligible for a refund. If you buy a Kovurt subscription from an agent or 3rd party on a site such as or, you are not eligible for a refund. Likewise, subscribers to Kovurt via the Apple App Store should follow the App Store guidelines in reference to any refunds.

For refund requests, please login to the Support Base and contact our customer service representatives and state exact reasons you wish a refund. If you are eligible for a refund, we will issue you a refund usually within two (2) business days or otherwise reply to you that you are not eligible and your request was not accepted. Please note that we will process your refund usually within 2 business days, but your credit card company or payment processor may take longer time to issue you your refund.