About Kovurt's Internet Privacy Fix

Does Kovurt Provide Free Trials?

We do not usually provide free trials, but we do offer a limited free refunds for all new users. You can feel secure that your purchase is secure — if you do not like our service we’re happy to give you a refund. For more information about our refunds, please read our Refund Policy.

Can I Access Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, and other Social Media Websites?

Yes. Using Kovurt’s services you will have access to those websites if you are a registered user of those respective websites.

Social Media Around The World Accessible By Kovurt VPN

What Are The Differences Between Solo And Pro Kovurt Plans?

Kovurt is a fantastic tool for staying secure and private when you are using your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, laptop, or desktop computer. We offer two main services to cater to your different needs: what is the difference between Solo Kovurt and Pro Kovurt plans:

Concurrent Connections: Solo Kovurt allows you to keep 1 concurrent connection. Pro Kovurt gives you 3 concurrent connections. What does this mean for you? On the Solo plan, you will not be able to use your Kovurt username and password on two different computers/phones at the same time. You can use your username and password on multiple devices, but not at the same time. That means you must disconnect from one device before connecting to another device. On Pro Kovurt, you can have the same username and password working at the same time on your Android phone , your iPad, and your laptop so you have unfettered and continuous security on all your great devices.

For more information, you can visit our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages too.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It’s like a tunnel that only you can travel through between your computer and your destination. For example, if you are using your computer at a cafe, all the other customers are on the same local network as you. However, all your traffic on that local network is encrypted, so a hacker or criminal can not see what you are doing.

Also, a VPN allows you to avoid blocks on websites at your office or on your network. For example, if your favorite website is blocked, a VPN can usually help you to “jump the firewall”, and then you can view that website. Is Facebook blocked? If so, a VPN will help you “jump the firewall” so that you can securely and privately view and use Facebook.

Why do I need a VPN? Why Do I Need Kovurt?

Do you often use your mobile phone, iPad, tablet, or portable computer at cafes, hotels, airports, or away from your office? Do you want security? Do you want access to websites that your local Internet provider is blocking? Does your company demand that you only use secure networks? If you answered “Yes”, then you should use a VPN.

Everyone should use a VPN, regardless of where they live or the types of Internet activity they think are innocuous. If you own an iPhone, you know that a VPN setting is now permanently in the main area of the phone’s settings — soon everyone will be using a VPN.

VPNs provide you a “tunnel” that gives intruders no access to see what your are viewing on your device or computer. Kovurt keeps your data private as you surf online. Via both 128-bit and 256-bit encryption, we help keep you safe!

How Do I Access Or Find My Account Login Details?

When you registered on our website, your email address becomes your Username and you created your own Password. You shoud use that Username and Password combintion to login to all of Kovurt’s services, including the software on your computer and the Kovurt website.

You can login here at our Support Base if you have questions. If you lost your password, we can easily reset it and email it to you from here.

You can also change your password from within the Kovurt Support Base website.

What Type Of Company Is Kovurt?

Kovurt brings Real Privacy to the Virtual World. We are An Internet Privacy Fix. Our company is based is in Hong Kong, and our security staff are currently working for us in London, Atlanta, New York, Hong Kong, and Taipei.

We have a truly international group of tough, privacy-minded staff focused on bringing you a secure, private, and easy service at Kovurt. We use top international payment processors like PayPal as well as Bitcoin processors to ensure all our privacy is intact for our users. Our users are international, and so are we.

You can contact us here:
Kovurt Limited, Suite 19, Smart-Space 1
Units 401- 403, Level 4, Cyberport 1
100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong
Tel: +852-8191-4388

For more information, visit us here. Also visit us on Twitter at @KovurtVPN.

Should I Install Software To Use The Kovurt Service?

Are you a Mac or PC user? For PC and Mac users, we provide you software that easily installs and gives you access to our global network. You just install the software that we provide you after you become a Kovurt Agent subscriber, add your username and password, and you are ready to go!

Are you a mobile user? For iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users, our new iOS app helps with all your connectivity.

Are you a hacker? For users who want to hack or configure their own connections on their mobile device, router, PC, or Mac, we can give you configuration files so you can use in your own software or hardware configuration.

Our most common PPTP or L2TP/IPSec VPN services, you should not install any other software. If you use a Mac, your Mac already comes with the software for you to use. If you use Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 your PC already comes with the necessary software. If you use an iPhone or an iPad, your Apple device already comes with the necessary VPN software. If you use Ubuntu or other Linux operating systems, your system already has the software installed too. For Mac OSX we exclusively endorse and recommend you download Tunnelblick, which is a free, open source graphic user interface for OpenVPN on Mac OS X. It provides easy control of your connections and we provide you a free download from inside your Support Base. For PC users, we recommend other free software also available in the Support Base.

Does Kovurt Provide PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN Connections?

Yes, yes, and yes. We provide users with PPTP, L2TP over IPSec, and OpenVPN connections. For a comparison chart of the different VPN protocols, please click here.

Can I upgrade from one type of Kovurt account to another?

Yes, at any time during your service that you wish to increase your concurrent connections or data plan by hopping to the next highest level, you can click the “Upgrade Account” link on the My VPN page inside your Support Base to easily upgrade. Any unused funds from your current contract will be used to reduce the price of your new service.

If you are on a monthly plan, you can upgrade to the annual payment plan for that product. Then if you are on an annual plan already, you can jump to either the monthly or annual plan of the next highest product.

For example, if you are using the Mobile Monthly plan, you can only upgrade to the Mobile Annual plan. But if you are using the Mobile Annual Plan, you can jump to either the Pro Monthly or Pro Annual plan. Then if you are using the Pro Monthly plan, you can jump to the Pro Annual plan. But if you are using the Pro Annual plan, that is already the highest level product we provide, so you can not upgrade further. If you do have special upgrade requests, you can contact our customer service team and we can work on manually making some changes to your account if possible.

We do not currently allow downgrades of services.

I Already Installed VPN Software From Another Company. Can I Also Use Kovurt’s Service?

Usually you can not install both our software and the software from another provider. Conflicts between the software usually make usability very difficult on your Mac or PC. So you will need to decide whose software and service you want to retain.

However, if you installed either OpenVPN GUI on your PC or Tunnelblick on your Mac, we can provide you easy Kovurt configuration files that you just place into your current software. Please look in our Downloads section at our Support Base, or ask our staff for the configuration files.

I Still Have More Questions — Where Do I Find More Answers?

If you are not a registered user yet, feel free to contact us with your questions.

Also, in the bottom right of this webpage there is usually a chat icon. Click that icon and our staff are online to assist you immediately with a chat about your needs. We want to help you stay safe!

As a registered user, you have full access to our Support Base. Go to the Support Base, login, and you have access to downloadable help documents and a great support system where you can send our Kovurt Agents messages for help.

Visit the Support Base now.

Who Uses Kovurt?

Businesses use Kovurt. More employees are either working outside the office or bringing their own devices like smartphones and tablets inside a company’s premises. These types of “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) situations are a potential privacy and security threat because valuable company data may be seen. Kovurt cloaks employees’ online activity, protecting them and their company’s assets when they are working remotely or onsite. Kovurt’s Enterprise service also gives companies a Cloud-based control panel to manage all employees’ authentications and uses of Kovurt so when new employees are hired or fired, Kovurt can be simply updated to provide access to or block access from certain users.

Travelers use Kovurt. When you use your laptop at a coffee shop, all of your activity may be seen by the manager at that store. Or when you login to websites in your hotel room, the hotel technician has access to see your online activity. So Kovurt provides privacy, blocking access to your online activity from prying eyes. Plus, Kovurt gives you a new, remote IP Address — this is useful if you can’t access your favorite video websites like Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, or BBC from your travel destination.

Individuals use Kovurt. If you live in New York, Singapore, London, or any other big city, there are lots of wireless hotspots on which you can jump. But the hotspot technicians have access to your online activity, so Kovurt provides a shield for your Internet activity when you are using a hotspot. And what about your mobile phone? When you use your 3G network, your telecommunications provider has access to your entire online history. Kovurt creates an encrypted tunnel that safely hides your activity when you surf on your smartphone.

What Information Do We Store, Save, and Know About You?

As a provider of online-enabled privacy services, we understand that security of your data and privacy of your data is of utmost importance. So what info do we acquire, retain, and track?

a) When purchasing our services, we require users to provide contact information, such as their name and e-mail address, as well as other necessary data, dependent upon the service, to set up and maintain their services with Kovurt. We use customer contact information to send customers information about our company and its products and services. We will NEVER resell or provide your information to a third party unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to conform with a legal requirement, comply with a legal process, protect and defend the rights or property of Kovurt, enforce this online agreement, act to protect the interests of our customers, or in the situation wherein our company is acquired by another company. We will always do our best to fight any legal order to maintain credibility with our users and to maintain ethical behavior within our business.

b) We DO NOT retain credit card or banking information — all credit card details are instead possibly retained by our payment processor, such as PayPal. So you need to check with the payment processor to find out how they maintain your personal details.

c) The customer’s contact information is also used to contact the visitor when necessary if they have subscribed to the mailing list. Paying users may opt-out of receiving some future mailings by choosing to unsubscribe. However, we urge you to maintain your subscription because we do send urgent privacy messages from time to time that could affect your usage of Kovurt.

d) We do use cookies on our website. We use those to make sure you need not log out after refreshing each page. We do log basic webpage statistics so we know how many people are visiting us, but we do not keep any data that tells us specifically who does what and when.

e) We have mobile apps and use other companies to distribute those apps. They may collect their own payment data, so you need to be aware that they are asking for that data and not Kovurt.

f) Most importantly, we do not keep traffic logs or data logs of the sites and services you visit or use while using Kovurt. For example, if you are using Kovurt and visit Google.com, we have no stored data that shows you visited Google.com. So you have privacy not only from the outside world, but also from Kovurt, when using our services. We do measure bandwidth usage, but we are only measuring the flows in and out of our service and we are not keeping records of the sites and services you visit.

Visit the Kovurt Support Base for a wider list of Setup Instructions for different devices and computer operating systems.