About Kovurt's Internet Privacy Fix

What is the Status of the Kovurt Service?

Greetings from Kovurt! As of 15 June 2020 12:00 GMT, all current and paid Kovurt Agent software subscriptions have been extended indefinitely, at no charge.

What does this mean?
1) You are free to use the Kovurt app on your iOS, Android, MacOS, or Windows devices without paying any more subscription fees to Kovurt. However, the software’s End of Life will be 31 December 2021. That means we will not issue software updates or security fixes past the end of 2021. You are still free to use the software, but by using this software, users acknowledge and agree to do so at their own risk. Kovurt shall not be held liable for any damages or consequences resulting from the use of the software. Users expressly waive any and all claims against the company in connection to the software. Furthermore, users acknowledge that they have no rights, legal or otherwise, to the software or any related intellectual property belonging to the company.

2) While the software network nodes will cease at the end of 2021, you are free to use the software to connect to other networks and nodes that utilize the same Shadowsocks and/or OpenVPN connections.

What is the future of Kovurt?
Kovurt is focusing on enterprise cybersecurity services and products, and so the 10 years of providing personal VPN solutions has been a great sandbox for us to learn about the best ways to keep users safe and private online!


Visit the Kovurt Support Base for a wider list of Setup Instructions for different devices and computer operating systems.