Who Uses Kovurt?

Businesses use Kovurt. More employees are either working outside the office or bringing their own devices like smartphones and tablets inside a company’s premises. These types of “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) situations are a potential privacy and security threat because valuable company data may be seen. Kovurt cloaks employees’ online activity, protecting them and their company’s assets when they are working remotely or onsite. Kovurt’s Enterprise service also gives companies a Cloud-based control panel to manage all employees’ authentications and uses of Kovurt so when new employees are hired or fired, Kovurt can be simply updated to provide access to or block access from certain users.

Travelers use Kovurt. When you use your laptop at a coffee shop, all of your activity may be seen by the manager at that store. Or when you login to websites in your hotel room, the hotel technician has access to see your online activity. So Kovurt provides privacy, blocking access to your online activity from prying eyes. Plus, Kovurt gives you a new, remote IP Address — this is useful if you can’t access your favorite video websites like Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, or BBC from your travel destination.

Individuals use Kovurt. If you live in New York, Singapore, London, or any other big city, there are lots of wireless hotspots on which you can jump. But the hotspot technicians have access to your online activity, so Kovurt provides a shield for your Internet activity when you are using a hotspot. And what about your mobile phone? When you use your 3G network, your telecommunications provider has access to your entire online history. Kovurt creates an encrypted tunnel that safely hides your activity when you surf on your smartphone.

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企业使用酷喔 随着更多的雇员在工作室外面工作,或将自己的设备如智能手机和平板电脑带入到公司内。这些类型的“自带设备”(BYOD)可能是一个潜在的隐私和安全威胁,因为有价值的公司数据可以被外界获取。 酷喔企业帐户可以保护您的员工网上活动,保护他们和公司的资产,无论他们是在公司内,旅途中或公司外的任何场所工作。酷喔的企业服务也为公司提供一个基于云的控制面板来管理所有员工的身份验证,因此,当新员工被雇用或解雇,酷喔可以简单地更新,以提供禁止某些用户的访问。

旅行者使用酷喔 当您在咖啡馆里使用笔记本电脑,平板电脑或者手机,您所有的网上活动都可以由那家商店的经理看到!或者,当您登录一个酒店的网站,酒店的IT部门也可以对您的网上活动看的一清二楚!当您使用酷喔产品,您将获得完全隐私,阻止您的网上活动被任何人窥视。另外,酷喔还给予您非常多的远程IP地址,您可以在英国通过您最喜欢的中国视频分享网站观看电影,或者在新加坡使用中国的信用卡,因为有的中国银行不允许中国客户在除中国之外的IP地址使用其网上银行。

个人使用酷喔 如果您住在纽约,新加坡,伦敦,或任何其他大城市,您可能会通过很多无线网点进行网络连接,使用您的电脑,手机或者平板电脑。但其无线网提供者的技术人员可以查看您的网上活动。使用酷喔产品将为您创建一个加密的隧道,为您的网上活动提供安全和绝对隐私!

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