Kovurt Now Accepts Alipay Internet Payments In China

We’ve integrated Alipay seamlessly into our services so both users inside and outside of China can use Renminbi to pay for any Kovurt service. You can use your mobile phone or laptop to checkout from Kovurt via Alipay’s quick interface

Kovurt Expands Mobile Privacy In A Big Way

You have a Windows Phone? Kovurt’s got you covered with Windows Phone’s IKEv2 protocol for privacy. You have a Blackberry? Your smartphone too is now covered with Kovurt’s latest IKEv2 upgrades! Today we unleash Kovurt’s latest VPN offerings to the

Kovurt Agents Get Great New Windows 8 Privacy App

Kovurt Agents using Windows 8 and Windows 7 now have a great new way to use Kovurt. Our newest Kovurt for PC app has come out of private beta and is now available for all Kovurt Agents to download and

Kovurt’s Grand Unification For Privacy Is Completed

Attention Kovurt Agents: The Grand Unification has finished! Now all Kovurt usernames and passwords are unified across all our services. What does this mean for you? It means two things: 1) If you previously had separate username and password combinations

New Kovurt Agent Field Stations In Europe

Greetings Kovurt Agents! Today we have great news in the fight for better Internet privacy. Our security operatives have been working overtime, and today we doubled the size of our United Kingdom capacity. That means we now have twice the

Unlimited Bandwidth Now For All Professional Level Agents

Attention Kovurt Agents: all Professional Level users have now been granted unlimited bandwidth! All current and new Kovurt users now have unlimited bandwidth and unlimited opportunities to use Kovurt on any type of connectable device. If you are already a

Kovurt Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoins and Kovurt are a match made in heaven. Both offer you greater privacy, so now Kovurt’s VPN services can all be purchased using Bitcoins. Both new Kovurt Agents and renewing Kovurt Agents can take advantage of the ease and

Kovurt Now Available On iPhone, iPad, And iPod Touch

After extensive beta testing with some great users in New York, Seattle, Beijing, Hong Kong, and London, Kovurt is now available for on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch!